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how to include neato floating content in modern browsers
Welcome to the land of groovy corner tables that allow text to flow around 'table-like' elements.

One caveat with the IFRAME tag is that it forces a page's content to pulled from more than one 'source' file. That's fine if frames are used for context completely unrelated to the main body content. However, it an article want to have little asides, but all content managed from a single file, then IFRAME tag forces the source file to be broken into multiple source files. Not a biggy, but it can lead to run away files that are not clearly related to other content files which is a bit of a content managment headache. Wouldn't it have been cool, if the 'copy' between the <IFRAME> and </IFRAME> tags was rendered inside the floating frame cell. Then a single file could be used for the main content body and all 'side bar' content.

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