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Common Tasks and Tips

iTunes has slowly become de rigueur for legitimately purchasing music and related media.  Here are some tips and tricks for using iTunes to work well with your media collection.

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iTunes Account Regions
rickatech, 2012-06

Though iTunes world wide allows access to a tremendous catalog of media for purchase, much of it is only available through a particular regional iTunes store.  This means you may find an particularly nice song rambling around on YouTube, but from a US iTunes account the music can not be found.  Switch to UK iTunes store, suddenly there it is.

Until recently it was relatively easy to create unique iTune accounts for other region.  Alas, as of 2012 an active credit card for the specific region an iTunes account is now required.

Copying iTunes Music to another computer
circa 2011

Local System / Terminal

# cd /Users/[username]/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/

# scp -r [artists]/[album] [remote username]@[remote host]:.

Remote System / iTunes

[menu] : File / Add to Libray...

Pull in files from /Users/[remote user]/[artist]

Remote System / Finder

Now delete the files in /Users/[remote user]/[artist]

Local System / iTunes

[menu] : Window / iTunes (open window if it's not already open)

[right window pane] : Library / Music

[left window pane] : click Artist of Album column to more easily locate the songs you want to delete.
Now find the artist or album just copied that you now want to purge, multi-select the Names of the songs in the left window pane.

[menu] : Edit / Delete.  Deleted songs will automatically be removed from any playlists that contain them. 
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