Command line tips

Originally developed by HP as 'OpenMail', SCALIX Server is a Linux based Enterprises Mail and Calendar Server. What differentiates SCALIX Server from other solutions is its MS Outlook plug-in that makes it a compelling alternative to MS Exchange. Outlook users can point their client at a SCALIX Server running on Linux and experience all the features that typically would be available only from MS Exchange. SCALIX Server also supports venerable POP, IMAP, LDAP, Active Directory, and other obligatory interfaces and prototcals. Recently SCALIX released a Web Mail client using the 'AJAX' framework that provides 'fat-client' Outlook-like mail and calendar functionality.  
Though SCALIX offers a Web Administrator interface, at its heart SCALIX Server is a command line driven service. There are literally thousands of om... commands that allow fine grained control of every aspect of the service. When it comes to automated administration and creating reports nothing beats the command line to provide the exact level of control and detail for the task at hand. However, there are so many om commands that reading the manual file for each one simply isn't an option if you need to quickly perform routine tasks. Following is a single shell script that identifies many of the om commands that an administrator needs when no parameters are given, and which will perform most common commands if additional parameters are provided.