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General Install - Setting Up Bugzilla

Updated 2003-08, 2003-01
Usage Tips
You must login to see detailed bug report list. After logging in, typically the Search for Bugs page comes up. Highlight ONLY the the desired entry in the Product selector.

Click the topmost Search button

Result: should be a list of all outstanding bugs.

Advanced: same as above, but also select UNCONFIRMED, NEW, ASSIGNED, REOPENED, RESOLVED, VERIFIED - but not CLOSED. Click topmost search.

Admin Notes
Adding/listing users - may need to use % as match to get list of all users.

Install Notes

bugzilla 2.16 -> Red Hat 7.1

mysql (3.22.5+), perl (5.005), and quite a few perl modules

  - add bugs user and custom password
  - give mysql root user a password
  - auto start mysqld at boot
  - raise packet accept size > 64K

  - AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
  - Options ExecCGI
    AllowOverride Limit
    (for bugzilla dir only)
  - block access to bugzilla data, shadow, localconfig

  - you will probably need to upgrade to perl 5.6 or later

  - untar bugzilla under /var/www/html/... so that it is accessible to browsers
  - $ su
    $ cd /usr
    $ # below is so certain scripts don't barf
    $ ln -s /usr bonsaitools
    $ # above may require logout before current shell will honor it
    $ exit
  - $ cd .../bugzilla
    $ ./checksetup.pl
    lots of fun things happen, MySQL schema created, data and localconfig
    directories created, ...

    You may not have several required perl modules.  Instrutions for getting
    them will be printed out.  Rinse, repeat until it completes.

    Beware, some perl modules depend on others to update properly
    Beware sneaky perl dependency that may be resolved by
        perl -MCPAN -e 'install "File::Temp"'
    Beware MySQL rpm dependency that may be resolved by ...
        rpm -ivh mysql-devel-3.23.36-1.i386.rpm

    if it completes, localconfig needs $db_pass = 'foobar';
    rerun ./checkconfig.pl
    it will ask for admin email, name, and password
    ready to bring http://.../bugzilla/
    any server errors probably due to file permision issues.  Hack to check this
    if to
        chmod -R 777 * all contents of bugzila folder
    then revert to a more sane file protection when you figure out what
    user/group is best


To change Status, Resolution, Severity, Priority, Hardware, OS
  - login to root shell on bugzilla server
  - edit localconfig
    may need to change nobody -> apache, this may allow things to run
    without having to use file properties of 777
  - run checksetup.pl (1)
  - service httpd restart

To change bugzilla urlbase
  - login as admin user (the user checksetup.pl setup first time it ran)
    choose change parameters, and see the control page
    (e.g. if host is zaptech.org
         and /var/www/html/software/bugzilla/index.cgi exists,
        then http://zaptech.org/software/bugzilla/
        would be a reasonable urlbase)
    Note: if this is not correct new users will get unfriendly emails
          when they try to sign up.

To add a product
  - ...
    Note: no bugs can be attached to a product that has no components

To add a user to product (2)
  - go to user edit
  - new user
    name, email, password
  - click to enable user for specified groups
  - without logging in a user can have a new user created
    and an email will be sent to them with randmom password

To add a group
  - go to group edit
  - click to enable user for specified groups

(1) may need to chmod -R 777 * /var/www/html/bugzilla
    after running checksetup.pl
(2) user names must LOOK LIKE valid email addresses

  - Bugzilla User Manual
  - Some general bug writing guidelines